This website handles the subject of aerosol spraying (chemtrails), and the aim is to clarify what this is and what You can do about it. The purpose is to make it easier for the public (and hopefully also for officials).


Our main target group is the citizens of Sweden, and that is why only this short information is available in english.

But we work together with international groups (such as Skyguards), and in the column to the right You will find some useful links (in english).

Skywatch Sweden is a mix of people with different experience and expertis in this area, and we are originated from different organizations working with environment and health.

Aerosol spraying in short

It is normally carried out by an airplane spraying a mix of toxic substanses (different heavy metals, fluoride, bacterias etc), which have a big negative impact on health and environment, and the visible trails are called chemtrails.

International organizations


Skyguards International org, with focus on Europe.


UK Skywatch + Look-Up


Global Skywatch


Carnicom Institute Research about geoengineering and more. A summary of the research can be found in this pdf document.


GeoengineeringWatch.org A global org. with lots of information. And some flyers below: